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    Default Chickaroo Reviews: Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

    Animal Crossing is back! And now on the go for more fun!

    Game: Animal Crossing: Wild World
    System: Nintendo DS
    Release Dates: 11/23/05 (JP), 12/05/05 (NA), 12/08/05 (AUS), 3/31/06 (EU)
    Developers: Nintendo EAD Group No. 2

    Story: How does one explain Animal Crossing?
    There is practically no story. It's not story driven.
    When you start up the game, a cat asks you questions. You then appear in a town. Here you can talk to townspeople that move in. Buy things. Catch bugs.
    And lots more.
    The end.

    No Really, How do You Explain This?
    Gameplay: The gameplay here is pretty simple. You can run around your small town using the D-pad or the stylus. You can pick up items, go fishing, catch bugs, talk to other animals, go shopping, and tons more. There is no objective to this game so you can do as you please.
    Now because there is no objective, doesnít mean it canít be fun. Because it is fun. The game can totally suck you in and you could spend endless hours on here.

    Nice for DS
    Graphics: The graphics here are pretty nice for the DS. The animals are cute, the outfits are nice. So on and so forth.

    Catchy Too
    Music: The music is pretty cool too. The songs change every hour. And every Saturday night from 8 PM to 12 AM at the cafe in the game, is a character named K.K Slider and heíll play you a song if you ask him.
    Music is composed by Kazumi Totaka and Asuka Ota.

    Is This a Nice Town to Visit?
    Overall: Wild World is a fun little game to play. Highly customizable and easy to pick up and play. Itís not difficult. Anyone can play this nice and friendly game.

    Score: 4/5

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    ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) Gonic's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    Stockport, Manchester


    While the story section is the length I expected it to be, the rest of the review really needs touching up. Like with the gameplay section, mention how it uses the internal clock and how this affects what sort of bugs and fish you can catch. There is also the debt you need to pay to Nook for upgrading your house and so on.

    Why are the graphics nice? Does it suit the style of the game, is there anything in game that could of used touching up?

    Music is very difficult to write about, however why not mention your favorite track from the game? Explain the best you can to why it is. Could some of the music need touching up etc?

    I hate to be that person, but its very clear with the amount of reviews that you put up that you enjoy it. So this is a 'Ways you can improve'

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    YEAOH. TheChaosBlue's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    New York City, NY


    I do agree with Gonic about the points he made. Perhaps you can start adding a bit more to each category to flesh out each component of the game.

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