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Thread: RSN Live

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    Perfect time to be making this announcement no? I assure you this is legit.

    I have been informed that people have opinions about the show but don't wish to express them publicly because I can be intimidating at times. I can fully understand where this is coming from because I can be a ass at times and I am a pretty blunt person, but that does not mean I am unreasonable, plus this has been a public facing issue I have been trying to work on the past couple of months.

    With that said I have decided to provide a way for people to anonymously submit feedback for the show over at https://rsnlive.randomsonicnet.org/feedback. Name and email are optional, the only info that is kept is what the web server sees and logs when someone accesses any web page on the server. This is standard for all websites across the globe except for privacy advocate sites that do not log.

    So what all do I, and spinic since the feedback is sent to a distribution email address, see when you submit something. Here is a example of a fully anonymous test (the forums are weird about displaying pictures for me):

    I do wish to make the show better, but I can't do much for you all if you're silent about any issues you may have, or heck even suggestions you may have, for the show. Hopefully this will alleviate the problem somewhat, we'll see.

    There are some other things I am working on for the show but I felt this was the most important issue to try to get resolved first.

    "Does my beard intimidate you?" - Freeman's Mind
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    I got a feedback thing

    When will the Spinic finally take over an episode to give us what we really want

    No really this is a good deal, there jut gotta people listening to make this worthwhile

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    Another update that should have been posted earlier but I am a lazy bastard, so eh. Tonight's RSN Live will be the last I host for the next four to six weeks as I recently got a promotion at work and this Monday I begin training. This brings another issue to light that my new work schedule after the training period will be directly in conflict with the current RSN Live time slot. I am sure this won't be a big issue to fix when I get to that point, but just as a heads up I am putting Spinic in charge of the show after this week.
    RSN Network: Website | RSN Live (Matrix)
    Reach out to me via the RSN Matrix / IRC or the RadioSEGA IRC
    Linux gamers represent!

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