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    Mar 2015


    Quote Originally Posted by supershadow01 View Post
    Hmm...I want a Dreamcast and Sonic Adventures 1 and 2 and also Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog for GameCube and also Ristar for the Genesis. Any opinions of Shadow the Hedgehog and if I should buy it? I can relate to Shadow quite well and think the multiple endings and third-person shooter aspect seem quite cool, but I've never actually played the game myself. And I know some of the characters say "damn"...that's not a big issue for me.

    I think that if you want a good versus game to challenge a sibling or some friends with, then get Shadow. That seems to me to be the best feature of the game. Solid multiplayer, almost like SA2B. Also, ITS FREAKIN HILARIOUS TO SPAM THE ROCKET LAUNCHER. DOOO IIIt. Actually, it's a real (chaos) blast to spam every weapon. Think of it as spamming the homing attack in SA2B against your opponent. Man, I miss that game. Well, the multiplayer, that is. Again, best redeeming factor.

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    I want all the classic (as in 80's-late 90's) Sega arcade games either in there original form, included in a Sega compilation or at Club Sega in the next Yakuza installment!

    BTW when I said I want the arcade games in there original form I really mean playable where I live not actually own them although that would be cool but I don't have room for arcade machines plus I can't afford to buy them because arcades are SO expensive otherwise I would!

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    Colchester, UK


    I'm really after The Lost Vikings 2 on SNES. Just wish it wasn't so expensive.
    I'm also intrested in getting Arrow Flash for Megadrive.

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    Jul 2015


    Not very retro but Call of Cthulhu dark corners of the earth. Such a great game ( though buggy ) and exactly how Lovecrafts world should look.

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    The Journeyman Project. They've actually got the remake and the sequels now available for modern PCs, I believe (and through Steam; I plan to get them as I can afford them), but I'd like if the original was available, too. It doesn't work on modern computers but it's the first real PC game I ever got into. Also it had amazing friggin' music!! (I own the soundtrack, heh.)

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