Itís Halloween once more! And the kids are back to trick-or-treat once more! But an evil dentist is out to destroy Halloween forever! Can the kids save Halloween once more?

Game:Costume Quest 2
Systems: PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Release Dates:PC / Mac / Linux: 10/7/14 (NA)
Developers: Double Fine Productions

A Grim Future
Story:Itís Halloween once more! And Wren and Reynold are back with their friends from the last game get together to go trick-or-treating again. As they walk around, Dr. Orel White, a dentist teams up with the monsters from the last game to destroy Halloween once again! And now itís up to the kids to travel through time and stop him!

Same Olí, Same Olí
Gameplay:The gameplay is pretty similar to the last game. Like, very similar. It doesnít make the game bad though. You still have to go trick-or-treating at all the houses. And just like in the last game, sometimes there are enemies at the door, which then leads to a battle. And then there are the adults you give you candy. Letís talk about that battle system shall we?
The battle system is pretty much the only thing that is different from the previous game. It almost mimics South Park: The Stick of Truth, a game released earlier this year. Pretty quick, eh? So hereís how it works: itís all about timing. Each costume has their own ability. Thereís a simple attack and a powerful attack that can be used when you fill up a gauge near your health bar. Doing the attack is pretty simple, just press the button, and press it again when the circles are near the button to attack. Itís all about timing. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you like to play a game like this.
Another new thing is health. Health is different around this time. There is no option during battles to heal yourself (unless you have a costume that has that ability). While walking around, you can heal by going to fountains or eating your candy. This can be a little annoying after a while.
As I said before, a lot of gameplay elements from the first game are still present. You still go trick-or-treating, you still got to find costume parts, find the kids that are playing hide and seek. Not a whole lot has changed, just the battling.

Itís Still Pretty Cute
Graphics:It looks the same as the last game. The art style is still cute and nice to look at too. But nothing here has changed much.

Itís Alright
Music:The music is pretty good. Some of it is recycled from the first game. Itís still a pleasure to listen to every now and again.
Music is composed by Peter McConnell (I think).

A New Tasty Treat?
Overall:Costume Quest 2 is an alright game. Itís still got the same gameplay and goals of the last game. The new battle system is alright. Some might like it, some might not. The humor however is still pretty funny and enjoyable.

3 / 5