A fun, kid-friendly game with wizards? What could possibly go wrong in this free-to-play MMORPG?

Systems: Windows, OS X
Release Dates: 9/2/08 (NA), 3/3/09 (EU + AU), 10/17/09 (AS), 1/31/10 (SA), 4/27/12 (TW), 7/11/12 (CN)
Developers: KingsIsle Entertainment

Evil Looms Over the Wizard World
Story:The evil Malistaire is trying to take over the world of Spiral! And now it’s up to a young wizard to stop him and the evil in the world! (At least I think).

Just Your Magical MMORPG
Gameplay:The game plays out like your typical MMORPG style. At the start of the game, you get to create your wizard and pick which class they’ll be in. Classes range from life, death, fire, ice, storm, balance, and much more. These decide which type of spells you’ll learn as the game progresses. Once you enter the game, you are given a tutorial on the game. And really, the game is pretty simple. Moving around is very simple in the “open worlds” (they’re really just areas with enemies in the streets). Battles are card and turn-based. There is a circle around you and the enemy or enemies. There are up to 4 slots for enemies and other wizards nearby. How it works is that you pick a card within 20 seconds and then wait for the enemies to decide and the fight begins. You can get a starter pack with a few basic spells from each class. Depending on what class you are, you can get even more powerful spells. When battles are over, you earn EXP or other items, especially for certain missions. Missions are fetch quests. They really are. Which can get really repetitive. But sometimes it can be relaxing, since the game isn’t really stressful.

Passable PS2 Graphics
Graphics:The game looks alright, but not too terribly bad. Like, it works because of its charm, but if you're playing this on a powerful machine, it's gonna look pretty meh.

Whimsically Standard
Music:The music is well, just music. It’s kinda memorable, especially if you’ve played the game a lot. But it’s not really worth listening to outside of the game. But they are quite relaxing tunes when exploring or doing the typical fetch quests.

Is It Worth to Play?
Overall:Wizard101 is a pretty good game. It can get boring, sure, but it can be a nice relaxing game to play, granted your internet is working. Some areas require “crowns” to buy, but you can earn them by doing quizzes on a website. But all in all, it’s an alright game.

3 / 5