The first Final Fantasy game for the next generation and also with voice acting! Will this game become another classic in the Final Fantasy series?

Game:Final Fantasy X
Systems: PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4
Release Dates:PS2: 7/19/01 (JP), 12/17/01 (NA), 5/17/02 (AUS), 5/24/02 (EU)
PS3 / Vita: 12/26/13 (JP), 3/18/14 (NA), 3/20/14 (AUS), 3/21/14 (EU)
PS4: 5/12/15 (NA), 5/14/15 (AUS), 5/15/15 (EU), 5/14/15 (JP)
Developers: Square

Just Add Water And Confusion
Story:(I apologize for the uber cheesy title.)
So our story today revolves around a boy named Tidus. Tidus and his friends are playing a game of blitzball, an underwater sport. While playing, the city gets destroyed by a giant wave. Tidus gets swept away to somewhere and finds out by someone that his town was destroyed by a guy named Sin. He then meets up with some people to compete in blitzball and also find Sin?? Holy hell I hate Final Fantasy plots.

3D JRPG Madness
Gameplay:Okay so the game is all the way 3D. Which is a first I think in this series. You can roam around freely to wherever you please (kind of). Battles are still random-based. You can do melee attacks and magic attacks. There are plenty of characters with different abilities. This game established future 3D JRPGís. I think.
There are also mini-games to do to as the game progresses . Thereís blitzball, chocobo racing and much more.

Cleaner, Brighter and Lots of Water
Graphics:The game does look very pretty. Though the animations and mouth movement are pretty bad-ish. But hey it was an early PS2 title so. But the game does look pretty good remastered in HD.

More Memorable Songs for the Future
Music:The soundtrack is pretty good. Some tracks are very memorable and appear in later Final Fantasy games. Some donít sound too great, but overall, itís a good listen.
Music is composed by Nobuo Uematsu, Masashi Hamauzu and Junya Nakano.

Another Great Addition to the JRPG Library?
Overall:Final Fantasy X is a pretty good game. The battle system is alright and the story is terrible as usual but hey, whatever. Itís pretty good looking too. Give it a try if you want, but Final Fantasy isnít really my favorite series. The plot for the games are just too complicated for me.

3 / 5