Hey a new Puyo Pop game for the new DS! Is it a fun puzzle game, or is it downright unforgiving?

Game:Puyo Pop Fever / Puyo Puyo Fever
Systems: PlayStation 2, Dreamcast, GameCube, Xbox, Mac OS, Game Boy Advance, Windows, PSP, DS, Arcades, Xbox 360
Release Dates:PS2: 2/4/04 (JP), 2/27/04 (PAL)
DC: 2/24/04 (JP)
GC: 2/27/04 (PAL), 3/24/04 (JP), 7/20/04 (NA)
Xbox: 2/27/04 (PAL), 4/24/04 (JP)
GBA: 7/24/04 (JP), 3/24/05 (PAL)
DS: 12/24/04 (JP), 5/3/05 (NA), 7/21/06 (PAL)
Developers: Sonic Team

A Puzzling Adventure
Story:The story takes place in a school called the Primp Magic School. A teacher named Ms. Accord loses her flying cane, which is like a magic wand to her. A student named Amitie is sent to go find the cane around the school and the world.

Fun and Full of Bullcrap Moments
Gameplay:So Puyo Pop is a puzzle game. A rather popular one in Japan, though it hardly sees release outside of there. This happens to be one of the more recent games in the series to get a release in the west.
So the name of the puzzle game is to match 4 or more puyos of the same color in a row. The goal is to keep doing it until the CPU messes up and loses. The more you do well, the more your opponent will mess up. As you make combos, the more these blank puyos that can mess you up. Oh and the more well you do, the more you can do fever mode, where you can keep making combos to keep your score up and mess up your enemies.
The game can be rather difficult too. I got my butt kicked even though I play the game as attended to. It caught me off guard and made me rather mad.

Cutesy Kawaii
Graphics:The game looks very cute! Itís very very colorful and so cute to look at. The character designs are sooooo cute to look at! One of my favorite characters has to be Oshare Bones. Heís just so cool-looking and aaaahhh heís such a well designed character I love him. Heís a little fashionista and itís amazing. But enough about that!

Generic Upbeats
Music:The music is rather a little bit forgettable. Some of it is good, but eh, I donít remember a whole lot from it.
Music is composed by Hideki Abe

A Great Puzzle Game That Finally Came Westward?
Overall:Puyo Pop Fever is a pretty solid puzzle game. Iím glad it came over here in the west, though I question why the other future games havenít. Goddammit Sega. I felt at times the game can rather bullcrap you a bit but that may just be me. Overall, itís pretty good.

4 / 5