An underrated title, this is TimeSplitters: a fun, wacky FPS that was weirdly designed characters and lots of early 2000ís / late 90ís charm!

Systems: PlayStation 2
Release Dates: 10/23/00 (NA), 11/24/00 (EU)
Developers: Free Radical Design

Splitting Through Time
Gameplay:The game is a first person shooter developed by some Rareware employees, so the gameplay is similar to GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark (and the design too). The modes you can start off with are story mode, arcade mode, and a level editor.
Story mode isnít really specific enough for itís own little section really. The story tells of people in nine locations taking place between 1935 and 2035. Each story tells of these people who try to defeat their own enemies as well as these things called timesplitters, who try to attack them. Story mode can be played alone or with some friends.
Arcade mode is pretty much the co-op mode. You can pick a character and an arena and off you go to shoot up enemies and stuff. You can be on teams or all by yourself to battle it out to the death. Itís a lot of fun, though if you die, it takes a while to respawn.

The Heck is Up With Their Bodies?
Graphics:The graphics are alright though the character models...what the heck. They look so weird. Like, they look so misshapen. Especially the females. God, I donít know how to explain it but they look stretched and so gosh darn skinny. Though I guess they look similar to models in GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark, being it from some employees from Rare. But still, itís nightmare fuel.

Cyber Punk to the Extreeeeeme
Music:The music is pretty good and fits the game very well. The menu music sounds very cyberpunk and techno. The music in the various levels fit their theme very well (like Egyptian levels and stuff). I like the music a lot, itís pretty good.
Music is composed by Graeme Norgate.

Should We Look Back?
Overall:TimeSplitters is a pretty solid FPS. There are a few flaws but it still holds up pretty well. The graphics are good but dang those models are nightmares. The music is very cyberpunk and I love me some cyberpunk. All in all, decent game.

3 / 5