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    Default Chickaroo Reviews - Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd (PS3)

    The virtual J-Pop princess is back with more tunes! So letís groove right into Project Diva F 2nd!

    Game:Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd
    Systems: PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita
    Release Dates: 3/27/14 (JP), 11/18/14 (NA), 11/21/14 (EU)
    Developers: Sega / Crypton Future Media

    Even More Content!
    Gameplay:In terms of playing the actual rhythm gameplay, itís rather the same. You still use all the buttons to be on rhythm. Some changes during the gameplay involve the star key, which is just using the analog sticks. The can go in a line and make a shape on the screen. There are plenty of more songs, some new to the game, and some from previous games.
    As for the other additions to the game, there is more to do. Thereís the DIVA room, where you can interact with the Vocaloids themselves such as giving them gifts. Other additions include making your own music videos in the video maker option. You can also download and share them online via PSN.
    The game is also very customizable too. You can still buy models and pieces for the characters as well as themes for the borders that appear as you play the game, showing you your progress in the song. Itís cool, but kind of distracting.

    Well Done 3D Anime
    Graphics:The graphics are pretty much the same as the last game honestly. But that doesnít mean thatís bad. The graphics are very well done and they look great, from the coloring to the movements. Itís a very good looking game.

    J-Pop To the Max!
    Music:The selection of music is also pretty good this time around, as I found some new favorite songs. If you like J-Pop, you will love the songs on here. They are pretty good and really fun to listen to.

    Is More Miku a Good Thing?
    Overall:Project Diva F 2nd is another great rhythm game. If you loved the first Project Diva F game, then I highly recommend it. It is very similar to the previous game, with just a few tweaks, but that does not make it a bad game at all.

    4 / 5

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    Vocaloid is an amazing group! I have been listening to their stuff for years. I've always wanted to play the games, too.
    There can be only one Sonic! Metal Sonic is the real Sonic! Long live Metal Sonic!
    Metal Sonic is the best! Death to all who oppose Metal Sonic! Metal Sonic rocks!

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