Crash is back on another GBA game! This time, the evil N. Trance has kidnapped Crash’s friends. But is this game hidden treasure in the GBA library?

Game:Crash 2: N-Tranced / Crash Bandicoot Advance 2: Gurugurusaimin Dai Panic!?
Systems: Game Boy Advance
Release Dates: 1/7/03 (NA), 3/14/03 (EU), 12/4/03 (JP)
Developers: Vicarious Visions

A New Character For Once!
Story:So after the previous GBA Crash Bandicoot game, Uka Uka decides that Cortex is a failure and has N. Trophy and a new assistant, N-Trance. N-Trance hypnotizes Crunch and Coco into joining the dark side. Now it’s up to Crash and rescue his family.

Side Scrolling Action With Some 3D
Gameplay:So since the GBA is mostly a 2D esqued platform, the game is mostly 2D but it does have some 3D levels. Some are typical platforming levels while some involve running away from something in a 3D perspective. The levels are fairly easy and do play out very similarly to the old PS1 titles. Which I guess means they kept things on the safe side, and try not to get too experimental. Though I will say this one level that was extremely infuriating as a young child: this level that has Coco going through space to not die in the sun. That level was so hard, and not very straightforward either. God I hated that level.

In All Its Pixel Glory
Graphics:The game looks decent. Obviously it does look pixelated but that’s not really a distraction. The game is colorful and bright. The models do look very well and detailed.

Reduced, Reuse and Remix
Music:The music is alright. Though some tracks from Crash 3 have snuck their way back into the game however. They are a bit remixed. I don’t know about you, but it feels a bit lazy to me. But hey, there are nice tracks anyway.
Music is composed by Shin’en Multimedia.

More Crash on the Go?
Overall:N-Tranced is a pretty decent GBA title and decent Crash Bandicoot game. Sure, it does recycle a bit from old games, but that isn’t such a bad thing in this game.

3 / 5