A new fighting game, in 3D! What is this newfound technology?? It looks cool though - for itís time. This is the original Tekken!

Systems: Arcade, PlayStation, PlayStation Network
Release Dates:Arcade: 12/9/94 (JP), 5/12/95 (International)
PS1: 3/31/95 (JP), 11/7/95 (EU), 11/8/95 (NA)
PSN: 7/6/11 (JP), 6/3/11 (NA), 5/21/11 (PAL)
Developers: Namco

Competing for #1
Story:The story is rather a simple one: a man named Heihachi Mishima decides to hold a tournament called ďThe King of the Iron FistĒ. The tournament is to see who can win with fighting and win a billion dollars. But who will be on top? Pick a fighter and see for yourself.

Ah Yes, The Beginning of 3D Fighters
Gameplay:So yes, this game is considered the first 3D fighting game, next to SEGAís Virtua Fighter.
At the start of the game, you can play arcade mode. There are up to I believe 6 or 7 characters to play as. They each have their own moves too.
In terms of the fighting, itís very tank-like and slow. Itís also a very hard game. You will die a lot. Itís a pretty frustrating game, but hey, if youíre a fan of fighting games, then you could probably be good at this game.

Oh How We Have Evolved
Graphics:This game just looks...ugly. I mean yeah, it is a very early PS1 game. But still, it just looks terrifying. The models are just gross to look at, and the animations are slow and creepy in the FMV cutscenes. The backgrounds are pixelated too. But hey, it was the first of itís kind, so itís passable for now.

Faded into the Punching Sounds
Music:The soundtrack is well, alright. I honestly couldnít remember a tune. There is no menu music really either. But it did sound a bit upbeat when ever you got a chance to hear it.
Music is composed by Yoshie Arakawa and Yoshie Takayanagi.

The Start of 3D Fighting?
Overall:Tekken at the time was a very revolutionary game. Looking back, it has aged like very old cheese. It can be slow and clunky but it is after all, a PlayStation classic. Check it out of you want for nostalgiaís sake.

3 / 5