Been a while and some new info has been popping up here and there. Figured I'd update this thread and maybe spark some conversation.

That mysterious new Sonic racing game has been revealed. Introducing, Team Sonic Racing, scheduled for release this winter. You can check out the new teaser trailer, (Yes I said teaser trailer... the game still hasn't received a proper trailer.) featuring Sonic riding a revamped version of his iconic All stars racing car and versing Shadow in an all new edgy version of Sonic's car.

The reception seems to be generally fine. The game is going to be made by Sumo Digital who were responsible for All Stars Racing Transformed which did a great job as a racer. From the trailer as well as leaked screenshots thanks to Wal-mart, it's clear that this is meant as the next spiritual sequel to All Stars racing, except that all the other franchises are now kicked out of the game and it's been re branded.

Some people were bummed out that the reveal trailer was just another teaser trailer. Others were disappointed that the game ended up having little to do with Sonic R which shares the same R font for their titles and was teased in the previous teaser trailer.

I just really REALLY want them to release the full song for that guitar track they played in the trailer.