The Halloween season is upon us! And we have a classic game for the Genesis that practically fits the occasion. But does it hold up after all these years?

Game:Decap Attack / Magical Hat no Buttobi Tabo! Daibōken
Systems: Sega Genesis (Mega Drive), PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, Steam
Release Dates: October 1991 (NA), January 1992 (EU)
Developers: Vic Tokai

Quite The Experiment He Is
Story:Our hero today is named Chuck D. Head (punny name eh)? He is a creation made by Dr. Frank N. Stein. Chucksí mission is to take out Max D. Cap, who has an army of the undead on his side. Chuck must now restore the island where he lives.

Spooky Scary Platforming
Gameplay:So yes. Like almost every other game in the early 90ís, this is indeed a platformer. You play as Chuck, who sort of reminds me of Gossamer from Looney Tunes. He can do the simple things such as running and jumping. However, I must comment on his attack. Because oh dear god. Okay so he has a face in the middle of his chest. And his attack is that face popping out of his chest with intestines. Itís terrifying.
Chuck can also collect a few items and use them in the game. At the pause menu, he can use some items that can improve his skills and stuff.
The game can be pretty challenging, such as most games from this era. Other than that, itís another simple-ish platformer.

A Scary Mess
Graphics:The game looks alright. It does look pretty good but it looks just alright. The title screen has a brown-ish color to it and it doesnít look pleasant. Though it has this pretty neat cartoony look to it. But other than that, it suffers.

Those Sound Effects Though
Music:The music is pretty good. It has this great halloween effect to it that adds to the charm of the game. But after a while, it can get a bit obnoxious.
Onto the sound effects though. The jumping sound effects bothers me for some strange reason. It just sounds weird and I donít like it a whole lot.
Music is composed by Fumito Tamayama and Hiroto Kanno.

A Classic From the Dead?
Overall:Decap Attack is an alright game. The gameplay is okay, the music is alright and that is pretty much it. Not to mention that the graphics has a messy look to it. Itís nothing super special, but I guess itís a classic on the Genesis.

3 / 5