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    Default Chickaroo Reviews - The Last of Us (PS3)

    The secret game that Naughty Dog has been hiding from us, has now been revealed. Considered one of the greatest story-driven games in the past few years, this is The Last of Us

    Game:The Last of Us
    Systems: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
    Release Dates:PS3: 6/14/13 (Worldwide)
    PS4: 7/29/14 (NA), 7/30/14 (AUS + EU), 8/1/14 (UK)
    Developer: Naughty Dog

    What to Do When a Fungus Breaks Loose?
    Story:(Heads up before I start, I will be spoiling the first 20 minutes of the plot so be forewarned.)
    It is the year 2013 and all is peaceful in Austin, Texas where Joel (played by Troy Baker) and his 12 year old daughter Sarah live. Joel comes home late on his birthday and Sarah surprises him with a watch. As the late night went on, Sarah wakes up to her dad missing, only to return home in a rush. An outbreak of a nasty fungus known as Cordyceps breaks out and infects humans into being cannibalistic (basically a zombie-esque outbreak). Joel, Sarah and Joel’s brother, Tommy try to flee from the city. Once they get to the edge, a patrol officer had to stop them from getting out and possibly spreading the disease. The officer had no choice but to shoot them. Joel ends up fine, but they sadly got Sarah and she is now gone, leaving Joel with almost nothing.
    Twenty years have passed and America is in ruins. And I mean in ruins. Buildings and towns are empty, the infected run amuck and police forces are trying to keep a sense of society with survivors living in heavily policed areas. Joel works with people from all over until he is tasked to escort a 14 year old girl named Ellie to this group called the Fireflies. Ellie is somehow immune to the virus and can’t catch it. So the two make a journey across ruined America and form a bond that can’t be beat.

    Let’s Kick Some Clicker Ass!
    Gameplay:Gameplay wise, it’s pretty similar to the Uncharted series. For the majority of the game, you play as Joel. He can run and punch and use weapons found around the abandoned America. Once you meet Ellie, she becomes your sidekick and back up if Joel is in danger.
    This game will want you scavenge through everything and trust me, you will want to look everywhere for anything. From notes to ammo to stuff to build weapons. You can modify weapons and gear to defeat the clickers, the nickname of the monsters in the game. They cannot see, but they can hear you. So there is some stealth elements in the game, but it’s not as bad. But the game really wants you to preserve your ammo and gear. It doesn’t want you getting too slap-happy with it and accidentally use it all at once on a group of enemies. I’ve done it before and trust me, it isn’t fun.
    But overall, the game is pretty good. The gameplay kept me going throughout the game.

    Graphics These Days Are Scary, Am I Right?
    Graphics:The graphics in this game are spectacular! Like seriously, this game looks great on both PS3 and PS4. It looks realistic that it’s almost scary. The mouth movements and body movements look natural and amazing. I love this look, though I’m not normally a huge fan of realistic looking games. But this one is a great exception.

    Emotional and Calming
    Music:The music is pretty good. It’s calm when it wants to be calm and scary when it can. It has more of a movie feeling than most other games that have upbeat soundtracks.
    Music is composed by Gustavo Santaolalla.

    Is This a Modern Masterpiece?
    Overall:The Last of Us is a fantastic game. From the wonderful and powerful story, the gameplay and the very believable acting. Seriously, all the actors in the game did an outstanding job. This game moved me to tears a few times, and video games rarely make me cry (though I cry in a bunch of movies). So good on you The Last of Us.

    5 / 5
    Last edited by chickaroo1; 20-10-2015 at 01:17.

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