It’s a foggy night in ye old London and there are monsters everywhere! What is there to do than to go out and slay them? It’s a pretty bloody world out there!

Game:Nightmare Creatures
Systems: PlayStation 1, Nintendo 64, Windows
Release Dates:PS1: 9/30/97 (NA), January 1998 (EU), 2/26/98 (JP), 9/14/11 (JP, PSN)
N64: November 1998 (NA)
PC: 11/30/97 (NA)
Developers: Kalisto Entertainment

Who Let the Creatures Out?
Story:In the year 1834, a scientist named Adam Crowley, has decided to turn to black magic with the Brotherhood of Hecate. They then unleash hellish monsters out into the cold dark London night. Now it is up to two people, Adam’s friend Ignatius Blackward and his daughter Nadia to investigate the monsters and stop Adam from creating the monsters.

A Bloody Damned Time in Jolly Old London
Gameplay: So the game is a 3rd person combo-masher, sort of. At the beginning of the game, you have the option of the two characters, Ignatius and Nadia.
So yeah. the game is a slash-em-up style of game. But does it play well? Well, not really, to be quite frank. Controlling the characters are a bit stiff at times. The controls feel like tank controls. And for this type of game, that is a huge set back. Not to mentions how repetitive the action can be. Slashing and cutting up enemies is practically a chore. The big enemies take forever to die and it’s just annoying how a one button attack can kill everyone.
Also, why is it that items are so hard to pick up as well? Seriously it is even more of a chore to pick up items. If you can even pick them up. It's such a hassle. Heck, this entire game is a hassle to play. It was fun for a while but then the fun fades away.

Bland and Bleak
Graphics:The game doesn't look too well either. The entire game looks bleak and sad. I mean, I know that the game is suppose to be on a cold dark London night. But man, I don’t like the colors. It doesn’t look interesting. Oh well.

In The Silent Night
Music:This soundtrack isn’t really that impressive. There barely is any music at all. Which sucks. It makes the game even more bland.
Music is composed by Frédéric Motte.

Could This Game Get Any More Bland?
Overall:I really did not like Nightmare Creatures all that much. The gameplay can get repetitive as hell, there is barely any music, and the graphics just look sad. Which I guess was supposed to appeal to the setting of the game. But I didn’t buy it at all. It’s a bit of a disappointment.

2 / 5