The remake of the original game that started it all, now with a wonderful facelift! Do you dare re-enter the Spencer Mansion in all its HD glory?

Game:Resident Evil Remaster / Biohazard Remaster
Systems: GameCube, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows PC, Wii
Release Dates:GC: 3/22/02 (JP), 4/30/02 (NA), 9/13/02 (EU)
Wii: 12/25/08 (JP), 6/23/09 (NA), 6/26/09 (EU)
PS3 / PS4 / 360 / XBONE / PC: 11/27/14 (JP), 1/20/15 (World Wide)
Developers: Capcom

In the Spooky Scary Mansion
Story:(The story is the same as the original 1996 game, but I will explain it here).
On the evening of July 24th, 1998, a string of strange bizarre occur on the outskirts of a town named Raccoon City. Raccoon Cityís special police department is split into two groups to investigate the murders named the STARS group. Thereís the Bravo team and the Alpha team. Bravo Team went out first, but after a while, there was no contact from them. So the Alpha team was sent out to find them. They end up finding Bravo Teamís crashed helicopter. As they keep looking, the team gets chased down by weird looking dogs into a big house in the middle of nowhere. And there the team will have to stay for the night...welcome to the Spencer Mansion.

Itís Scary Good, It'll Make You Jump!
Gameplay:The game is set up as a 3rd person fixed camera style game. Fixed camera means that the camera angle changes when you are in a different part of the room. It makes the game more cinematic.
At the start of the game, you have the options between two characters, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. Jill is considered the easy / normal mode while Chris is considered the hard mode.
The game is really all about exploring the mansion. This is one big mansions so expect to get lost in it. I did plenty of times. You'll have to find keys and certain items to progress through, and trust me, it'll get tricky. There are so many rooms and items that go with one another, it can get a little overwhelming.
As for the zombies running amuck the mansion, they are pretty easy to avoid and kill. Though you will want to save your ammo, for they are scarce throughout the house. After killing an enemy, they will fall to the ground and stay there. Now in the original game, they will just stay there. But in this game, itís a whole different story. If you donít burn the bodies with kerosine and a lighter, they will get back up as crimson heads. Crimson heads are zombies that are red, stronger and faster, and take longer to kill. So if you kill a zombie, make sure to burn the body! In terms of how long it takes for a zombie to become a crimson head, I believe it takes an hour (in-game) in Jillís story.
Control wise, for the HD remaster, itís amazing. In the original GameCube version, you could use the analog stick, but the characters movements were still very stiff and tank-like. But in this super nice HD rerelease, the characters movements are fluid and not tank-like at all! Itís truly amazing and feels great too. Now there is an option to use the old control scheme style if you wanted to.
A big element in the game is combining items and using them throughout the house. Some items are broken or scattered around the house and you will need to find them and put them together. Such as finding green herb (which heals you) and red herb. Mixing the two will get you a blue herb, which can fully restore your health. Herbs are also scarce in the house too. So you better try and survive in the Spencer Mansion!
Oh and as an added bonus, you have to save your game using a typewriter and some ink. Ink is scarce, which means your saves are scarce too. So you better save your game and play wisely!

Too Good to Be Scary
Graphics:This game looks freaking gorgeous. Itís just so pretty to look at. Especially since the GameCube version came out just 6 years after the original game. Compared to the PlayStation port, it's seriously amazing how much 6 years can make a difference.
From the warmth of the lights, the few there are, to the dark cold hallways. This game is a real eye pleaser. I love how it looks. It pulled me in.

Haunting and Soul Wrenching
Music:This soundtrack is also pretty great too. Especially the music cues and sound effects. Itís eerie and haunting. The music that plays in the save rooms is relaxing, but puts chills on your spine. Itís a great soundtrack.
Music is composed by Shusaku Uchiyama, Makoto Tomozawa and Misao Senbongi.

Do You Dare Enter The Horror?
Overall:The Resident Evil remake is freaking amazing. And the HD remaster makes it even better. With its smooth controls, amazing graphics and killer gameplay. It is an amazing game and is totally worth playing. I highly recommend it, especially around this time of the year. Get it while you can!

5 / 5