The cute, cuddly starfish has finally arrived in North America! But was it finally worth the wait for this sea creature to sail our way over here?

Game:The Legendary Starfy / Densetsu no Stafī: Taiketsu! Daīru Kaizokudan
Systems: Nintendo DS
Release Dates: 7/10/08 (JP), 6/8/09 (NA), 10/10/09 (AUS)
Developers: TOSE Co., Ltd.

A Falling Star
Story:Once upon a time, there was a little star named Starfy, who was snoozing away in his cozy bed. But one night, a rabbit in an astronaut suit named Bunston passed by in the sky and accidentally wakes Starfy. After a while, a group known as the Terrible Trio swoops in and tries to kidnap Bunston. Starfy attacks and rescues him but then Bunston runs away. Starfy then decides to go after him through the ocean and back!

Under the Sea Fun
Gameplay:The gameplay is a platformer, a pretty simple one at that. You get to play as Starfy as he runs, swims and floats about the ocean. Basically the goal for most stages is to get to the end. But most of them involve doing a task. Stages can actually last quite a while, which means the game can get a bit lengthy in a way.
Starfy can do quite a bit. He can run, jump, spin attack, swim, and much more. With Bunston at your side, you two can occasionally combine and Starfy will wear a costume that lets him use abilities such as fire abilities and flaming enemies.
There are collectibles to get like little coins and treasures. At the bottom of the screen, there are a few of the gameís characters that can give you hints or help you look for treasures in the various levels.
Other than that, this game is very simple and pretty darn easy too.

Look At All That Blue
Graphics:The game looks very good for the DS. Itís cartoony and has that Japanese anime-like charm to it. And because the game mostly takes place in the ocean, get ready to see the color blue a lot. But overall, the game looks great and adorable, appealing to the younger crowd.

Aquatic But Not Memorable
Music: The music is pretty decent, but nothing super special. I didnít really pay attention to it as I played the game.
Music is composed by Morihiro Iwamoto.

Underwater Fun For Everyone?
Overall:The Legendary Starfy is a pretty cute and fun game. Itís a pretty easy game, so for older players it could get boring. But for the youngins out there, this game can probably entertain them. The characters are cute and the gameplay is simple and fun for them. But anyone can enjoy this game regardless.

3 / 5