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    Default Chickaroo Reviews - Mario Kart DS (DS)

    The Mario Kart series is back in swing on the DS! And I get a chance to review the game on its 10th anniversary year too! Does it still hold up after 10 years?

    Game:Mario Kart DS
    Systems: Nintendo DS, Wii U Virtual Console
    Release Dates:DS: 11/14/05 (NA), 11/17/05 (AUS), 11/25/05 (EU), 12/8/05 (JP), 4/5/07 (KOR)
    Wii U VC: 4/2/15 (PAL), 4/23/15 (NA)
    Developers: Nintendo EAD Group No. 1

    Two Screens Means Double the Fun!
    Gameplay:So yes, like always, it’s a kart racer folks. But there are new features too, as always as well! With the DS being able to have Wi-Fi connectivity, you can now race online with players from around the world right in the palm of your hands! (Well, at the time at least). The other new additions to the game were the abilities to customize your karts in different ways. You can draw a design on the front of the kart and there are different kind of karts to drive with different stats. There’s also a mission mode in the game too if you ever get bored.
    But other than that, it’s your typical kart racing game. Though they did add older tracks from previous games as cups to race in. There’s also your standard balloon battles and coin battles.
    Overall, the game is pretty fun, but you will definitely want to play this with friends.

    Early DS Looking - Good God
    Graphics:The game nowadays kind of doesn’t look too well. But back then it looked pretty cool and very colorful. And I do love colorful games a lot. But now, it just suffers the whole “early system look”. Don’t let that discourage you, it still looks good after 10 years.

    Pretty Catchy, But Nothing Special
    Music:The soundtrack is pretty good, but honestly, there isn’t a track that really sticks out. To me at least. But hey, it’s still a good soundtrack.
    Music is composed by Shinobu Tanaka.

    Another Good Handheld Racer?
    Overall:Mario Kart DS is another great addition to the DS library and even the Mario Kart series. It introduces new elements such as retro tracks and different kinds of karts to race in. All in all, a fun time.

    4 / 5

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    There Can Be Only 1 Sonic Alpha Dog 1996's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
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    I always enjoyed watching my friends play this game on their consoles.
    There can be only one Sonic! Metal Sonic is the real Sonic! Long live Metal Sonic!
    Metal Sonic is the best! Death to all who oppose Metal Sonic! Metal Sonic rocks!

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