A sort of cool collection of NES challenges? Sounds cool right? Well, that depends on your tastes.

Game:Ultimate NES Remix / Ultimate Famicom Remix
Systems: Nintendo 3DS
Release Dates: 11/7/14 (EU), 11/8/14 (AUS), 12/5/15 (NA), 8/27/15 (JP)
Developers: Nintendo EAD Tokyo / indieszero

Sort Of Fun Challenges
Gameplay:So the whole game is just a compilation of different challenges in various Nintendo NES games. For example, challenges involving Super Mario Bros. or Metroid. There are a total of 16 games that have their own little challenges. The challenges can vary from getting to the end of a stage in under a time limit or whatever the game is. You have 3 tries to do complete them. There a few challenges stringed together so itíll be a while to complete them. Some of them can be pretty tough.
Now there are a few original challenges that mixes up a few of the games together, which is pretty neat.
If you thought that this was a compilation of full versions of all these NES games, well sorry about your luck. But you can however, buy the games separately at the eShop. There is even a link to go to the eShop and buy them.

Looks Like All the Old Games
Graphics:Graphically speaking, there is almost nothing to talk about. All the games look exactly the same as they are. All the games are represented in their 4:3 ratio and have a little TV banner around them. Itís pretty cool.

Almost Nothing New
Music:Honestly, the only new pieces of music is the title theme and the music that plays when selecting a game. Other than that, all of the NES gamesí tracks are the same and unchanged. So if you were expecting something new, sorry.
Music is composed by Toshiyuki Sudo.

Is It Really Worth the Money?
Overall: Honestly, Ultimate NES Remix is just an alright game compilation. The challenges can be cool but other than that, youíre going to end up being bored of this game. I havenít touched the game often. Get this at a low price.

3 / 5