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The Plug N Play and portable are exactly the same system pretty much, Like I listed before, Off Key Sound, Incompatibility with certain games (Virtua Racing) , I also forgot to mention that Save based games (Sonic 3, Phantasy Star series, Shining series, etc.) will not save, so you have to take that into account, the emulation for the most part is 4/5, that part honestly depends on what game you are playing using the SD card slot on portable or cartridge slot on Plug N Play (For Example, I tried out ToeJam and Earl on my portable, and some sprite glitches on the bottom of screen, like the enemies/present overlapping onto the health/ranking part of the screen) If you are just starting to get into Genesis stuff I would recommend them, make sure to get a real genesis controller from a retro game store or online. But I would just get a real Genesis in all honesty, but I would get the handheld, if you want a portable Genesis experience.
I agree to this. Actually, my first Sega console was my Genesis model 1 that the manager of the now defunct local game store made me a great deal on because I was interested in it a good 8 years ago, lol.

Wow, time DOES fly. 8 years ago, yet it feels just like just last week...