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    Sms I really want to remix some classic SEGA game music but I don't know where to start!

    I just discovered this radio a few days ago & I LOVE it so much it's inspired me to do my own SEGA remixes but IDK where or how to start! What I mean is how can I remix the songs when I don't know the correct structure? Is there a Genesis or Master System-to-MIDI converter or something? Or better yet something where I can find out the song structure? How do the remixers on here do it? Can someone please help me or point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!
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    I asked on VGMDB & someone said I need to be able to transcribe songs does anybody here know how to do that? Thanks in advance!

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    Hey, So I'll attempt to offer advice but a quick disclaimer: I've never remixed a song so I am just going on what I assume is the process. I have some music theory knowledge but take what I say and then run with it.

    I think there are two ways you can do Video game remixes. You can download the original source material and just cut it up and play around with it in you're chosen audio editor. This will lead to a very basic, by the numbers remix which isn't really musical in any sense, you're just adding effects to someone else's music.

    The second method is Transcribing. Transcribing is listening to the song and identifying what notes are being played are by ear. When you can identify the notes in the song you can determine the scale and key of the song. Once you have those you can really get started. If you have no music theory then I would suggest starting there. Once you have a bit more knowledge you'll be ready to remix a song! Remember the best remixes are the ones that use the original track as a foundation and go off in crazy directions using some of the skills I have highlighted above.

    Some homework

    This is a very basic summary of remixing, I'm certain theres a ton of stuff I've left out but anyways; Good luck!
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