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    Nov 2016


    I've also just really liked the music from lots of games I've played. The earliest was probably something on the Master System. I've always loved putting games into sound test mode and just chilling to the music, I still do it now. I also downloaded a lot of MIDIs and then MP3s and if I couldn't find a track, I would try and record it myself, I still have a collection of truly terrible quality recordings! Some of them are even on tape! My first ever actual legit soundtrack CD was The Very Best of Ys, which just randomly turned up in a second hand games store.

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    Sep 2011
    Irondequoit, New York


    The earliest memory of mine was hearing the Casino Night music at age 4 and fell in love with VGMs ever since!!
    Markiegee50X Network (RadioSEGA fan since 2011) 🎮❤🙂🍧

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    Sep 2012
    London, UK


    I used to make audio dramas using music from my Mega Drive games :| Alisia Dragoon, Sonic 2, Ranger X were the culprits!!
    @voxie on Twitter & FB
    @voxiegram on Instagram
    personal website: voxie.co.uk

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