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    Md Suggest some obscure Sega BGM that deserves to be remixed (NO Sonic or Nights!)

    I'm going to be working on a remix album this Summer entitled "Sega Songbook" which will feature BGM from classic games from the Genesis,arcade,Master System,Sega CD,Game Gear,32x,etc but I want to know what obscure or lesser-known BGM is the most deserving of the remix treatment! As I said in the thread title NO suggesting anything from Sonic or Nights thouse are remixed to death(but I will have to include some Sonic because it IS a Sega remix album after all but the farthest I'll go is Sonic CD & that's it)! Thanks in advance!

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    o_o Wrath Oskvro's Avatar
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    Sep 2008
    Ohio, USA


    I'm not sure if it's obscure but I really haven't heard it remixed. The music from the original Shinobi.

    Message to the RadioSEGA community: Just want to say despite the inactivity on my part, I still love RadioSEGA and everything about it. I may have had a couple instances way back where myself and someone else didn't get along, which I apologize for (hell we were young kids, or at least I was), but that aside, you guys rock and I associate nothing but great memories with RS. I'm easy to find online if you Google my name. If ya ever wanna chat, just drop me a line. Keep kicking ass, friends. \m/

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    NOT CONFUSING AT ALL Killer French Bread's Avatar
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    May 2008


    Some of the sports games like World Cup italia 90 and sega world wide soccer.
    Tic Tac, sir?

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    Afterburner guy approves! Awinnerwasyou's Avatar
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    Apr 2007


    It seems virtually unknown next to SEGA's other arcade racers but Racing Hero has a really good soundtrack.

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