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    Sms Sega master system- A cheaper way to start collecting?

    I've been into my games ever since my ZX spectrum. I've owned so many consoles, yet I find so many retro games are stupidly expensive. Many games that aren't even rare, are still getting sold online at greedy/excessive prices.
    However, I've noticed the Sega master system doesn't get much attention. Every time I see it in a retro game store it's either sold cheap and even a couple of shops, given away as a prize.
    I think the games on the master system are criminally over rated. Sure the box art is crap on most games but the games themselves are brilliant.

    Anyway my point is, if you love retro and don't care what somethings worth on eBay and making profit... Get a master system and enjoy collecting cheaper than most other platforms.
    One thing I will ask - Master system 1 vs 2 pros and cons?

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    Biggest X'Eye fan. Ever. supersega's Avatar
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    Mar 2014
    A place in a place, USA.


    You just said Master Systems are cheap? Thats crazy. Over in the US, they are crazy expensive.

    But for models, go model 1. Better audio/video quality than the model 2.
    Collection; Neo Geo CD, JVC X'Eye, Model 1 Genesis, Model 2 Genesis, 2 Japanese Saturns, 2 Game Gears in a few thousand pieces, 5 or 8 PS1s (don't judge), 1 PS1 DTL (TOOL, NOT a Yaroze), 1 Gamecube, 1 Wii, 1 Xbox 360, 2 Gameboy Advances, 1 3DS, 1 PS2 TEST that WORKS!!!

    Do I have a console addiction?

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    Awww dude sorry I should have said. The master system in the U.K was quite popular, average price here for one is between 20- 40 quid depending on model and condition. Plus the games here are like 1-10 which is quite cheap when you consider Snes games and megadrive games here are 7 and up.

    Yeah I agree with model 1. Plus over here model one can take Rgb scart.

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    I'd so love a model 1 look so much nicer than the model 2 out run, hang on , after burner and space harrier please

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    Did you ever play wonder boy or asteroid? Those were epic games

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    Midwinter- Dreamcast Warm Midwinter's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
    Phoenix, AZ.


    If you want a cheap Master System in the US - grab a time machine and travel back to the late 90's.

    I was able to pick up my mint system in box (might never have been used) for $25. Unheard of now.

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