One of your recent live shows was playing non-Sega BGM from games such as Resident Evil 4 & Sengoku Basara! My question is:WHY? I thought this website was called "Radio SEGA" not Radio Capcom or Radio Video Games! I mean what's the point of playing non-Sega BGM unless developers like Capcom directly or indirectly had to do with Sega it just doesn't make sense that would be like if my local radio station KKBN 93.5 (which plays country music) played a pop or rap song which would just feel out-of-place on a COUNTRY radio station! Or if there was a sex scene or murder on a kids show (which would also be out-of-place) I mean I understand some of the Nintendo stuff like Mario & Sonic because that series was co-developed by Sega so it makes perfect sense to have that on here but I hope this was a one-time thing & we don't start seeing over-rated top-40 pop on here I come to RS because I like Sega BGM if I wanted to listen to top-40 pop I can find many other places to do so! I am NOT criticizing your radio I'm just wondering what purpose there could possibly be to playing non-Sega BGM? Thanks in advance!