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    Default I have a question about some of the games played on RS!

    I know this applies to almost ALL online VGM radios but...

    why do you play BGM from games we can't even play? I'm sure most VGM fans (including myself) hear something they like from a game they never heard of before & immediately want to play the game but can't for various reasons (e.g impossible to emulate because of special peripherals,hard-to-find,etc) It makes people sad to hear the BGM & not be able to play the game that it originated from!

    To tell you the truth I think this is one of the few downsides to being a fan of VGM & online VGM radios in general once again I am NOT singling out RS because all online VGM radios do this but on the other hand it's not just like this for VGM I'm sure the same thing also happens with people who hear a song on the radio they really like from a TV show or movie but they aren't able to watch it because it's so old & hard-to-find!

    I'm not saying I want RS to stop playing these games/songs or anything because I REALLY do enjoy them I am just saying how I feel
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