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I hate every single song that was in Sonic Colors and Sonic Lost World. The music in those games SUCK.

I hate the Werehog battle music. In fact, I would probably say that I don't like any song from Sonic Unleashed except for the Perfect Dark Gaia theme at the end. Everything else sounds pretty disgusting.

I do NOT hate any song from Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic CD, S3andK, the two Adventure games, Heroes, Shadow, Riders, Secret Rings, or Generations.

All of the songs from the Sonic 4 games reek of anus, and I hate them.

Sonic '06 had too many awful songs, like the mission music, New City, Castle Town, White Acropolis, Aquatic Base, Flame Core, Crisis City, Tropical Jungle, and basically a large handful of them.
I dunno man. I'd have to disagree with you saying Sonic Colours had bad music. I thought in general, the OST for Colours was great with Reach for the Stars being a fairly solid Main Theme. I also liked the credit theme Speak with your Heart.

Also if it wasn't for the fact that the song is super over-used, I'd say His World from 06 is admittingly a really good track.