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    Default VGM you just can't understand the appeal of

    What popular song from a game do you not understand the appeal of?

    For me it would be the song "Running in the 90's" from Initial D Arcade Stage I mean it's constantly requested on here (in fact it was requested just a few minutes ago)!

    I posted a screenshot at the bottom as proof!

    Plus I even found a Youtube video that uses it I'm not kidding check it out:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-seeo7gJF0!

    You KNOW the song is over-rated when most of the comments are about where to download said song instead of pertaining to what the video is ACTUALLY about (what ruined Nickelodeon)!

    Now what exactly is the appeal of the song?

    (granted I've never played Initial D Arcade Stage but there's other Sega arcade BGM I actually DO like)!

    Why do people like the song?

    Actually this can apply to ALL the vocal songs in IDAS! I honestly think they're kinda dumb & nonsensical BUT to each there own I guess!

    This also backs up what I recently said about VGM being slightly over-rated since most of the comments on the video were about the intro music rather then the subject of the actual video!

    Last edited by Mikurotoro92; 29-09-2016 at 04:22.

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