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    I think my very first was Sonic CD (which I absolutely loved) & then from there I got into the entire franchise!

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    Member Urban Flow's Avatar
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    Aug 2012
    Laredo, Texas


    Sonic 3, and it was my first video game too!! Man what a masterpiece!!!

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    Host of Saturday Night SEGA Gavvie's Avatar
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    Dec 2007


    First Sonic game I played was the original Master System game - in fact, I think I'd played the entire Master System trilogy before I'd even had a chance to play the Mega Drive ones, which is absolutely fine. I think it gave me a better appreciation of those games, whereas others tend to hinge on the MD games and forget that they existed

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    YEAOH. TCB's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    New York City, NY


    It was technically Sonic Advance. It was 2002; I was at my grandmother's after school (I think) with the game, given to me by a school friend (I think). And a manual of SA2B for some reason. The first main console game I played was Sonic Heroes, which we got on our birthday. And yes I still hold that game near and dear to my heart, despite how it plays.

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    Like some others, I don't know for sure what was the first sonic game I played, but I'm pretty sure it was either sonic 1 or 2. So what do I think about them?

    Well, I didn't play much of sonic 1 as it was too hard for me at the time (At first I and my siblings were getting game overs in the green hill) but we made it up to one of the scrap brain zones. Overall I think sonic 1 is a pretty good game, has some difficulty spikes, but they're not that bad if you know what you're doing, also some pretty catchy tunes.

    As for sonic 2, we spent way more time on this game and got up to the wing fortress zone boss. The music greatly improved upon the already good soundtrack of the first and levels were more memorable. Overall I absolutely love sonic 2, if not just for nostalgia.
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    Sonic the Hedgehog! I remember hearing about it when it came out, so I asked Santa for it for Christmas. One of the best presents he ever brought me lol I got hung up on the Labyrinth Zone for a week or so, but the memory of making it to the Starlight Zone still brings back memories!!!

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    Sonic 1 when I was four. My parents got a Genesis for themselves and it happened to be the Sonic bundle. The rest is history.

    Concept: "Mobius" is still alive. Check out the "new" area!
    Help needed for Sonic fangame project. Artists, programmers, and modelers, mainly. If you are interested, message me.

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    Sonic ***** Team ****** Quills on Wheels's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan the Game Master View Post
    My parents got a Genesis for themselves
    Back when I was four, I'd never believe that. My parents despised videogames and couldn't understand the appeal. I grew up to believe that no adult ever liked videogames haha.

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    Member Bubblegumspit's Avatar
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    Feb 2015


    Quote Originally Posted by Quills on Wheels View Post
    Back when I was four, I'd never believe that. My parents despised videogames and couldn't understand the appeal. I grew up to believe that no adult ever liked videogames haha.
    I used to play video games allot with my dad. The one I remember playing the most was Streets of Rage. I also had him try to beat Chemical Plant Zone on Sonic 2 for me once. LOL!

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    Member Jackisback's Avatar
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    May 2016
    In middle of nowhere dude send help


    My favorite song from sonic has to be like Skyscraper scamper, night version from sonic unleashed.

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