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    Default What is the most disturbing album cover-art?

    Because it's October (which means Halloween) I want to know what album cover-art you think is the most disturbing & creepy!

    Here's an example:

    SBSP album cover art.JPG

    This album cover-art is creepy & downright REPULSIVE!

    What kid (or any person for that matter) would want to even look at that?!

    Now if the cover-art had just him or him & his friends or his house or something that would have been better!

    But THIS would definitely without-a-doubt freak out kids!

    (it even freaks me out & I'm a young adult)

    I mean my bro said it best when he said: "who would want to get this up close & personal with a character?"

    He's absolutely right!

    Now compare that to another kids' TV soundtrack...

    Pokemon 2b a Master album cover-art.JPG

    In contrast this cover-art is much more normal & tolerable then the other one because it gets the point across without being creepy & disturbing!

    How about you guys what album cover-art do YOU personally think is creepy & disturbing?

    Whatever it is it can't possibly be any worse then the SBSP cover-art!

    (which should be the benchmark for creepy & disturbing album cover-art)

    Also which one of the 2 that I posted do you think is more creepy & disturbing?

    Last edited by Mikurotoro92; 07-10-2016 at 05:17.

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