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    Default Podcast balance between website and iTunes and beyond

    Hey all.

    There's something that's been bugging me about the podcast situation regarding uploads to other platforms besides the website. My current understanding is that the website is currently the best place to get the downloads. But not everyone is able to get the downloads in a convenient manner on their devices besides grabbing the downloads one by one from the website. iTunes was an extremely convenient platform where anyone who had a cellphone could subscribe to the show that they liked, and could have the most recent episode downloaded with little to no user input. Android podcast apps do this as well, so no one is left out (although I have no idea about windows phones, sorry). But what I've noticed is that the iTunes route is most likely no longer an option, since less and less show hosts are uploading to iTunes anymore. So I'm wondering: is there a remedy to this, or do people like me who rely heavily on these sort of conveniences have to -for lack of a better term-"suck it up", and just use the website? I really, really hope that the latter isn't the case. A suggestion I had floating around my head is something like an RSS feed-type thing for the podcasts, if that is even a thing that even exists or is possible. Hope my opinion on this subject makes things better. Thanks.

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    Let's see... This is how it works:
    First, we upload the files to our server. Second, we update the respective show feed and thirdly, services like iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn pick up those feeds and let you stream or download the file (which is still hosted by us).

    So with the exception of SEGA Mixer Drive (only very recently several months worth of podcasts were uploaded to RS and we haven't worked on updating the feed yet), all podcasts on RS are usually up-to-date on iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn. You can get the respective links here.

    If they're not, it's usually a matter of days before they get updated, because almost the entire process (creating a podcast file, uploading, updating feed, and some bits in-between) for almost every show here is handled by a single person. Hopefully this helps with understanding the process and the timings. If we're a bit behind (or a lot, like in SMD's case), we apologise and ask you to be patient while we work on stuff.

    PS: Said person is currently enjoying a few days off so updates will be happening next week.

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    Better late than never, while I noticed RS doesn't list RSN Live as having a RSS Feed there is in fact a feed for the show available here
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