I'm studying at a training facility called New Horizons Computer Learning Center. Currently I am studying the Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 Suite (Adobe CC for short), and am loving it! Since I am a very creative person, this is perfect for me. Specifically, I am currently learning Adobe InDesign, which is an application for creating and, well, designing layouts for magazines, brochures and books. I literally have one tutorial video left to watch; after that, it's time to get Certified! I'm STOKED!! But what I am really excited for, is learning how to use Adobe Premiere (and possibly After Effects; have to see about that). Speaking of video editing, if you'd like to see a sample of my old works, go check out my YouTube channel, Rapid Run @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLs...view_as=public

Ok, shameless plug aside ( ). If I were to get a job in using InDesign, one of my dreams is to work for a magazine like the new MegaVisions mag. Video editing-wise, not too sure. Wish I could do animation, but even if I do learn how to animate (which hopefully I will learn what used to be Adobe Flash), I am horrible at drawing from my mind. Like, I can only draw what I see, not what my mind sees.

Anyways, sorry for the rant; what kind of career do you all think I should pursue with these skills that I will acquire?

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Also @Ryan the Game Master , you should check out New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, if you'd ever consider learning something other than writing. You know, just as a backup plan. Also, what's great about this training company, is that it is one of the largest training company (and currently the best) for IT in the world (and other things like Nursing, Graphic and Web Design, etc.), so they know their stuff. Check it out sometime! ( Sorry for advertising )