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    Dc Sega Dreamcast games

    Please can someone help? I've been told they still make games for the Dreamcast, but I can't seem to find any? Are they just in rom format or are there actual physical copies? Please please help

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    Two of the upcoming releases are hypertension and Xenocyder. They are making actual discs, even a pal version with the old blue cases for Xenocyder I think.
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    There's also Elysian Shadows. They've been on RadioSEGA not once but twice.

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    Awesome! Thanks ��

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    Since I feel this is an appropriate thread to post in it I'll do so

    For those unaware I've been hanging on and off on building a little collection myself of DC games since buying said console last year. I only have SA1 and Shenmue for now. I do have an Amazon Prime account but that's a big site and finding good deals can be a chore.

    So I ask you all; any tips, sites and games you'll recommend?

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    As well as the ones you mentioned, personally I love Sonic Adventure 2 and Shenmue 2 (pretty much like the first games), Skies of Arcadia (very epic RPG), Evolution 1 and 2 (interesting, quirky RPGs) and Time Stalkers (some people hate this but I have a thing for games made by Climax Entertainment Japan and it isn't that bad a game on its own, the characters are funny and it plays a bit like Evolution). I haven't played many non-RPGs but I like Bangai-o (or whatever it's called, the strange shmup). I would also recommend Grandia 2 as another good RPG although it creeps me out a little and I don't like being creeped out.

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    Getting Dreamcast games really depends on how dedicated you are. Sure, you can just buy the games from eBay, but you'll often be paying extra just because the seller feels like charging more. For official games, I'd recommend either going to local stores, or going to car-boot sales (Swapmeets for all you US folk). You can normally find good deals there as people often don't know what they have.

    As for other sorts of games...

    You can buy reproductions of Dreamcast games with a quick Google search. Although it's not the same as having the official versions, you can get versions that fit in with your collections, perhaps because the games were never released in your regions.

    As for homebrew games, homebrew can normally be found on one website (that I can't link you to because it's sometimes used for piracy), but you will need to burn homebrew to a disc youself.

    Indie games are a case by case basis, with them being sold all over the place. Every game is normally sold through the companies website. The best way to know which Indie games are coming out would be to follow a Dreamcast news site (like The Dreamcast Junkyard, for example), as they will link you to all the correct websites.

    So there's a guide to places I recommend to buy Dreamcast games, hope someone found it useful.
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    Thank you ��

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