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    Default Topical Resort Suggestion Thread

    Yes it's time to copy those who've come before me (Stares at Skyblaze) and create a thread for suggesting a topic, since people have requested it in the past. That and you know what the say, the more the merrier. I don't think Eggman had this show in mind when he said that quote but we'll put it there because it makes me look more professional.

    Got a game, series or perhaps something generally relating to SEGA that you'd like to see a whole episode on? Stick it down below and I'll be sure to respond to your ideas!
    Host of Topical Resort - Your #1 Discussion and Topic Based Show! Fridays at 7PM GMT

    Ex-Host of The Dreamcast Hour - Talking about the best of SEGA's Final Console!

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    *Blows off dust*

    Well, been a while since this thread has been used!

    In-case it isn't obvious, yes this could be viewed as a bump, but the purpose of this post is to let the influx of new listeners and forum viewers know that Topical Resort isn't (mostly) a show where I just talk about whatever I want, but it's a show that YOU can influence. I highly encourage throughout the episodes for you to submit a topic you'd like to see covered, and here is the correct place to do that, without it getting lost in a sea of Discord posts or DM's!

    I'd also like to give a list of episodes that have been listener requests, so you can't say I never do anything for you!
    SEGA CD Games (Requested by electricboogaloo)
    SEGA C64 Games (Requested by Jamie64326)
    SEGA Collections and Compilations (Thought up by me, interest shown from electricboogaloo)

    Of course, it seems like a short list, but if you don't come forward with the idea you'd like to see be made into a show, then it's not a listener request! I'd also like to say that even if you don't want to bring forward a topic for an episode, there's still other ways to get involved in the show, such as by requesting tracks and calling into the Discord Call-in.
    Host of Topical Resort - Your #1 Discussion and Topic Based Show! Fridays at 7PM GMT

    Ex-Host of The Dreamcast Hour - Talking about the best of SEGA's Final Console!

    Catch me talking nonsense at twitter.com/TheGreenViper8.

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    Lights Camera Action! Shaddix_Croft's Avatar
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    I have no idea if you've done it or not but a Hang-On Episode would be quite interesting to have IMO. Good soundtracks and games which sadly never got a modern day sequel.
    Come follow my ramblings on Twitter @ www.twitter.com/ShaddixCroft

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    How about a "Model" arcade episode? Where it could be about arcade games on Sega's Model series of hardware: The Model 1 (Virtua Fighter, Wing War), Model 2 (Daytona USA, Sega Rally, Last Bronx) and Model 3 (Sega Super GT, Daytona USA 2, Virtua Fighter 3).

    Last edited by electricboogaloo; 05-01-2018 at 18:39.

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    Ooh Topical resort suggestion thread! The more the memeier!

    My suggestion is Edgy SEGA music (songs that have "edge" or some other edgy word in their name, House of the Dead, metal music, anything relating to Shadow the Hedgehog or other edgy SEGA characters, etc.)

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    I wouldn't mind an episode dedicated to Yuzo Koshiro. Also, licensed based games because we know SEGA have publish and/or developed a few over the years.

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    So maybe make this one or two episodes depending on how you want it Viper but how about an episode on SEGA AGES for Saturn and an episode of SEGA AGES 2500 for PS2. It's not really something I've had experience with gaming, but I think they'd make nice episodes.

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    a Takedude episode <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoomGirl View Post
    a Takedude episode <3
    I would love an episode of Takenobu Mitsuyoshi! Good idea, Grill.

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    I too would like the Mitsuyoshi episode to happen!

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