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    Default Good Sonic/SEGA Podcasts?

    Hey folks,

    First post, first question!

    I listen to a lot of gaming podcasts but most of them tend to lean towards Nintendo and/or Final Fantasy talk. Are there any Sonic/SEGA podcasts that you'd recommend?

    So far, I listen to Genesis Gems and You're Too Show. I listen to Opinion Zone too but sometimes it's hard to listen too with lots of people talking over each other...

    So, that's 3. Any more?

    Thanks from a forum noob!

    EDIT: Amended the name of You're Too Show.
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    I don't listen to any Sonic or SEGA specific podcasts, at least until now - the Genesis Gems podcast seems great. Just listening to the first episode now, I like how they talk about one game at a time and encourage that people play the game after listening too. This appeals to me as I used to love the Game Club part of the 1Up FM podcast.
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    Yeah, it's a nice show to listen to. They don't take themselves too seriously but they do know what they're talking about. The "game by game" format really suits their style.

    The thing I like most about the You're Too Show podcast is that they take on the old cartoon shows but don't just mock them. They really do add a positive spin on the cartoons.

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    Prof. KC KC's Avatar
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    Feb 2007


    Well, I mean... considering you're here, I assume you're familiar with all of these, right?

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    I'm actually not that familiar with most of them! I kinda presumed they were all music shows rather than discussion shows. I'll give them a listen.

    Also, yeah, I perhaps should've been clearer - it's discussion programmes that I'm looking for. I tend to listen to them through the night when I can't sleep and my partner wouldn't be too happy if the Green Hill Zone theme started blasting at 3:00am!

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    Prof. KC KC's Avatar
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    Feb 2007


    That narrows it down quite a bit. Discussion-wise, I’d say Chaos Control Center and, to an extent, SEGA Addicts AM and The Opinion Zone. Then there’s The SEGA Lounge, our flagship talk show which is more of an interview and news-based show with the occasional roundtable episodes.

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    Thanks very much for the suggestions. I'll download a couple and give them a listen. The SEGA Lounge sounds interesting.

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    Staying Topical! GreenViper8's Avatar
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    Dec 2014


    Outside of our own lovely selection of podcasts of course, some of my favourite SEGA discussion podcasts are done by the folks over at SEGABits (Although we did at one point host one of these podcasts), with those being:

    SEGA Talk
    Sonic Talk (First 31 episodes hosted by SEGABits, now hosted by The Sonic Stadium)
    Swingin' Report Show

    Aside from them, I'd really say just search your favourite podcast app for terms relating to games you like, that's how I think you'll find the best podcasts that'll suit your taste. I've been missing listening to podcasts actually, so excuse me while I go and search for some new ones.

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