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    Default What games have technically impressed you?

    I was just thinking about games that made me go "wow" the first time I saw something that I thought was technically impressive. Do you have any games from any system that really impressed you with it's graphics or an effect that blew you away. Two that spring to mind for me was Max payne on the game boy advance and Sonic 3d on the mega drive. Max impressed the crap out of me the first time I played it as it retains the complete voice script from the console versions. I never even knew you could fit something like that on a gba cart. And I thought Sonic 3d was a pretty poor game but i reset that game over and over when I first got it just to see the video intro. It was the first cart game I saw with video on it.

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    The game that blew my mind has to be, without a doubt, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the GBA...when my next door neighbor helped me beat Rikuís story, and the credits finally started to roll, I witnessed something magical. AN ACTUAL SONG. Not chiptune; no, this was actually the theme song for the original Kingdom Hearts on the PS2!! THE WHOLE THING!!!! Mind you, it was quite compressed, but Utada Hikaru still sounded as beautiful as ever.

    Yes, I knew about the GBA Video carts that were out, but this was a whole game, what was possibly an .aac or an .mp3 music file, AND two, maybe three lengthy FMV sequences in full PS2-quality! Still heavily compressed, but I would love to find out how much space all of that took up on the cart; or even better, HOW they fit all of that in there! Great minds at work, thatís what the devs for KH:CoM are.

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