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    Thumbs up Sonic Advance Reviews

    The thread where you can post your reviews on the three Sonic Advance games for the GameBoy Advance

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    Staying Topical! GreenViper8's Avatar
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    Sonic Advance 1: The best of the bunch. Got that classic Sonic feel yet did its own thing. Great soundtrack, competent level design and gorgeous environments.

    Sonic Advance 2: Still very good, but has some issues, but points for being unique in concept at the time and still to this day. Soundtrack is just as ace, level design has some work but areas that allow you to build up speed are the highlight, environments look just as good.

    Sonic Advance 3: Worst of the bunch. Level design is atrocious and helper gimmick isn't much better, although a good idea at heart in my opinion. Music wins back some points, but everything else is a huge downgrade, even something as "simple" as the visual design is weaker here. Still not a horrible game, but wouldn't recommend it over the other 2 or the other non-Genesis GBA titles.

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