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Thread: Dreamcast20

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    Staying Topical! GreenViper8's Avatar
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    Dc Dreamcast20

    The 20th anniversary of SEGA's final but not really final console is just 1 month away as of today, and here at RadioSEGA we're ready to celebrate it. However, we can't do it alone. We want you to tell us 4 things:

    1) What was your first experience with the console?
    2) What is your favourite memory of the console?
    3) Favourite games?
    4) Favourite music/soundtracks?

    If you'd prefer, you can also submit voice recordings of your answers. These will need to go to admin@radiosega.net.

    If you know anyone who would be interested in submitting answers, direct them towards this thread. Alternatively, text answers can be submitted as a response to the message we've sent out on FB and Twitter, or using #Dreamcast20.

    T&Cs: Answers need to be submitted by the 26th of November, and all answers will be featured in a special Dreamcast20 show on the 27th of November, so make sure you're comfortable with them being aired before posting. Now get posting!
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    My first experience with the Sega Dreamcast was when I was about 5 or 6 years old, I remember playing games like Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure 2, and Knights into Dreams.

    My favorite memory about the console was when I was playing the level City Escape from Donic Adventure 2 and my Dad started to sing along to City Escape.

    My favorite games where Sonic Adventure 2, and Crazy Taxi.

    My favorite music/soundtrack was the whole Sonic Adventure sound track my favorite songs being Live and Learn, City Escape, and eggman's theme song E.G.G.M.A.N.

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    1) What was your first experience with the console? - My parents got it for me for Christmas, it came with Sonic Adventure and Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future. I remember admiring its designand eagerly bounding upstairs to plug it in.
    2) What is your favourite memory of the console? -

    My first memory involves booting it up, and seeing the SA intro, which was also my first exposure to Crush 40 music. 3) Favourite games? - Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Wetrix (shutup), ChuChu Rocket, Phantasy Star Online, Soul Calibur
    4) Favourite music/soundtracks? -
    Phantasy Star Online, Skies of Arcadia, REZ, Soul Calibur.

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    1) What was your first experience with the console?

    I was around 9 or 10 years old when my older brother brought his Dreamcast to our cousin’s house. I, my older sister, and my cousins were playing a lot of Mortal Kombat Gold, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, Dead or Alive 2, and WWF Royal Rumble.

    2) What is your favorite memory of the console?

    My favorite memory about the Dreamcast: When I was playing the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater demo, I always restart the Warehouse level until the song “Superman by Goldfinger” plays, doing some sweet tricks and air time on the vert ramp.

    3) Favorite games?

    Sonic Adventure 1, Sonic Adventure 2, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

    4) Favorite music/soundtracks?

    Sonic Adventure 1 & 2; The track Superman by Goldfinger from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

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    Told this story a few times on air, but I guess it's never too much to express your love for this amazing console.

    1. The Dreamcast holds a special place in my heart due to it being the first console that I bought with my own money. I was 15 years old and bought the actual console a few months after it launched here in Europe. Before getting the console, I had already bought Sonic Adventure and it taunted me for months sitting there, looking at me. When I got the Dreamcast, SA1 was obviously the first game I experienced on it.

    2. My favourite memory(ies) has to be experiencing the two Shenmue games. There are two particular moments that stuck with me for a long time:
    - the ending of the first one and listening to the music with the credits rolling and Ryo's boat sailing away to Hong Kong;
    - a scene in the second one where Ryo wakes up in Wong's boat and "The Morning Fog's Wave" plays in the background.

    3. Shenmue I+II, Sonic Adventure, Jet Set Radio, Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future, Metropolis Street Racer. Special mention: SEGA Swirl!

    4. Shenmue I+II hands down.

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