The 20th anniversary of SEGA's final but not really final console is just 1 month away as of today, and here at RadioSEGA we're ready to celebrate it. However, we can't do it alone. We want you to tell us 4 things:

1) What was your first experience with the console?
2) What is your favourite memory of the console?
3) Favourite games?
4) Favourite music/soundtracks?

If you'd prefer, you can also submit voice recordings of your answers. These will need to go to

If you know anyone who would be interested in submitting answers, direct them towards this thread. Alternatively, text answers can be submitted as a response to the message we've sent out on FB and Twitter, or using #Dreamcast20.

T&Cs: Answers need to be submitted by the 26th of November, and all answers will be featured in a special Dreamcast20 show on the 27th of November, so make sure you're comfortable with them being aired before posting. Now get posting!