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    Jan 2020
    North Devon

    Default Sega games you really want to get into but find hard to

    I'd love to your choices on games you really want to enjoy, but put off by things like complex system/difficulty/slow starting etc.

    Mine originally was Buck Rogers on the megadrive, but I got it all down now and love it.
    So now I'd say Starflight. It's similar to buck Rogers but I've no idea what classes I should choose, what I'm supposed to do and "where the heck am I landing, oh I'll just pick at random... Oh nothing there/crushed by gravity ".

    Oh and perhaps Phantasy Star, the maps seem really dull but I have a feeling I'd enjoy it if I pushed my way through it.
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    Member Nicolaas Hamman's Avatar
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    Jul 2019
    Stellenbosch, South Africa


    Typically the things I don't want to get into end up being the things I find it hard to get into. I did, however, somewhat want to get into PHANTASY STAR, if only out a sense of responsibility as a SEGA fan, but I'm not RPG-crazy anymore, so both PS and PS2 bored me when I tried them.

    I'm hoping PHANTASY STAR ONLINE might be a different story, and am considering trying PSO2 if/when it becomes available for me to play.
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    Sonic ***** Team ****** Quills on Wheels's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
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    What a great question!

    There are ones that I've been interested in but never got the time to look at them like Jet Set Radio or Phantasy Star Online.

    At the moment though, my eyes are on Street of Rage 4. I really want to get into that game but I'm a bit short on friends to play it with. I tried playing Streets of Rage remake with some of my mates and they all didn't really enjoy it to my surprise. Since SoR 4 is more or less the same, and I want to play it with friends rather than alone, I'm kind of waiting for the right person. Maybe a future missus

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    Staying Topical! GreenViper8's Avatar
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    Dec 2014


    PSO2 and Shenmue II/III. I've tried so hard to like them, and have found small bursts of enjoyment from them but not ever enough to be invested without getting bored and turning off.

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