As of 2016, RadioSEGA gave fans the opportunity to purchase merchandise through limited time runs of our collection and even more exclusive items were made for our various events we've run since that date. This was after years of shirts only being obtainable through giveaways on RadioSEGA LiVE, so we were happy to provide a more accessible way to obtain clothing through this avenue.

Times change, however. Although we were happy with the prices we were able to pass onto you, they were cheap and cheerful for a reason. As the years went on and especially starting last year, the quality deteriorated with multiple people reporting printing mistakes and errors. These were out of our control, but we did not want to continue providing you low quality goods after you've gone out of your way to support the site. Since then, we've parted ways with our previous T-Shirt manufacturers, and this means we're now able to offer you something a little more permanent.

Introducing The RadioSEGA Shop! Our new permanent merchandise store is now open for business as of the 29th of May 2020, featuring various designs from our current look as well as some recent programming and events. Here's what we currently have for offer.

RadioSEGA (2019) Line

10 Years LiVE Line (Limited Time)
Note: Line available until 12th of March 2021

#MDMiniMarathon Line (Limited Time)
Note: Line available until 4th of July 2020

RadioSEGA LiVE Line

RadioSEGA's Opposite Week Line (Limited Time)
Note: Line available until 30th of June 2020

NOTE: All proceeds raised between now and the 30th of June 2020 will be donated to SpecialEffect.

Check back on the shop as well as this thread regularly, as designs will come and go as time progresses. Thank you for your patronage, and we hope you enjoy what's on offer at The RadioSEGA Shop!