do you think piracy is ok or not ok

What it says on the tin...
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Sergadra wrote:Hm i ask me a thing i am able via plugins to put Youtube links into my Mediaplayer. I just get the Stream from the internet so i don't think i am doing piracy is that true or wrong? I say it is an internet stream to my PC no illegal sites no downloads only links that are loaded in foobar/vlc instead of youtube.
As far as I know personally, it may be illegal, considering youtube content is supposed to be watched only on the website and nowhere else.
Some applications like my DLNA server warn me about the plugin loaded (even though I do not use it)
mediatomb wrote: WARNING: You enabled the YouTube feature, which allows you
to watch YouTube videos on your UPnP device!
Please check
By using this feature you may be violating YouTube
service terms and conditions!
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Oh oki ^^
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I personally think piracy is wrong. I mean, I'm not gonna say I haven't done it before; I did a lot as a kid, and I occasionally download a song here and there. But the person or people who put their blood sweat and tears into the game, movie, song, or whatever, deserves the money.
Starlight wrote:I personally think "Emulation" is a good thing. The only reason I can see a benefit in pirating is when you can play an Ultra Rare game and see whether it's worth the price or not. I also heard that most pirates buy the movie/game after they've "demoed" it. Personally for me, I like my experiences on a physical front, so if I ever do "emulate" something, it's for demo purposes only...however, not everyone is made of money, so taking a punt on Collectors Editions is risky without actually demoing games.
In bold, this. while I think is still crossing a line, is what I'd do, had I still owned my flashcard and such. Test out a game, if I like it I'll buy it. I do basically just that with music, except I use Pandora or YouTube to find it.
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