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Post by Eclipse »

For one of my Christmas presents, I got $20 to spend on any Steam games I wanted. I got NiGHTS into Dreams, Jet Set Radio, Ristar, The Revenge of the Shinobi, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Psychonauts, and The Crypt of the NecroDancer. I already had Ristar on Sonic Mega Collection Plus, but I wanted to get it on Steam as well.

I haven't played Jet Set Radio or Psychonauts yet, but, so far, I'm really liking NiGHTS, Revenge of the Shinobi, Dust, and Crypt of the NecroDancer.
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Post by RikDraws »

Eclipse wrote: I got NiGHTS into Dreams, Jet Set Radio, Ristar, The Revenge of the Shinobi, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Psychonauts, and The Crypt of the NecroDancer.

Some solid picks there! I got back into Shinobi this year as was surprised I had as much fun as I did with Revenge. I never used to be big on slower methodical games but I found myself really enjoying it! If you get a chance check out Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master if you haven't already! It's also good and is basically an upgraded version.

I'm still like halfway through Dust I should get on that.

As far as my recent pickups, over christmas I picked up Shock Troopers, Fistful of GUN and Westerado.
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Post by supersega »

I can't stop buying junk. Bought a Samsung Super Aladdin Boy controller from Korea. It works great, luckily. Has those red stiff buttons and a real good pad, awesome condition. Can't wait until 2 weeks from now. Lol

Oh yeah, also got some Saturn games (NiGHTS Into Dreams and Sega Rally Championship) delivered earlier this week from Japan... how do I play NiGHTS? :P
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Post by Tintin »

I recently picked up Vampire Night for PS2 at my local Cash Converters for only £1.50! ($1.83)
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Post by Kaito-kun »

Elite Dangerous on PS4. It's pretty cool. Space trucking whiles away the hours.
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Post by kadosho »

When PSN was having a new year sale, I bought DMC4SE. Really humbled to finally own this complete version of the game. Kinda bugged me forever why Trish & Lady + Vergil were left out to being with. Plus the framerate has a huge overhaul, fast paced, and still crazy.
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Post by Blueblur2006 »

Traded A Unusual Sandman (TF2 Item) For Sonic Forces. That's How Bad That Game Is Apparently.
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Post by Kenny17 »

Just last week I received my DR. J Upgraded Mini projector I found on this article ... under-100/ about cheap monitors. My TV broke and that would be the end of my gaming until a friend told me about mini projectors. I got mine at only 99 dollars. Even though they are not as good as LED TVs, I'm glad I can still play FIFA.
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Post by sonicbandicoot »

Well, I did preorder Bayonetta for the Switch but haven't picked it up yet. So I guess the most recent purchases I had were Fire Emblem Warriors and Sonic Forces :'D
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Post by Ace_Croft »

At least you bought 1 decent game and awaiting a fantastic game in Bayonetta.

I've just bought myself Mount Your Friends 3D which me and the Web Admin Whooa21 have the original game so many times together so a 3D version of the game will be interesting to play.
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