RadioSEGA Review: Dreamcast Collection (Xbox 360)

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Post by Reknoc »

Uhh, Sonic Adventure was a Dreamcast launch game. I'm not even sure if Sonic Adventure even came out on the xbox. DX was the updated port SEGA made for the GC and PC. Only good thing about it was the Game Gear games.
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Post by Schezo »

Reknoc wrote:Only good thing about it was the Game Gear games.
Agreed. Probably spent more time on them than on the actual game.
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Post by mazonemayu »

nice reviews reknoc, but screw this collection (for me that is); I still own every game in it (along with a few hundred others)...on my dreamcast... ;)
so I'll stick to the fishing games (which in fact I still love) with my fishing rod.
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Post by abel1303 »

I still can not think that not just does SEGA believe that a plain four games composes a "collection," tunnel rush but that these were the finest games to display simply exactly how around and also in advance of the contour the Dreamcast absolutely was throughout its short life-span. Where's Jet Grind Radio or House of the Dead 2
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