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Late and Live
Special 8 - Next Level Mix (15th December 2023)

Late and Live celebrates two great things in one go - SEGA's recent announcement of five new games in classic franches and RadioSEGA's WinterFest 2023 - by playing original tracks and remixes from the Jet Set Radio, Shinobi, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage and Crazy Taxi series!

- Savaged Regime - Shinobi III - Japonesque (YM2612 Rearranged) (requested by Eleri)
- Golden Axe III - A Voyage To Castle
- Jet Set Radio (Jet Grind Radio) - Humming The Bassline
- Crazy Taxi City Rush - Menu
- Michael Staple - Electric Tooth Brush (From "Jet Set Radio") [Remix]
- Iceferno - Revenge Of Shinobi - Boss Theme "Terrible Beat" (Iceferno Remix) (requested by Hydro)
- Parker Walker - Streets of Rage 2 "Sega FM Drum and Bass" OC ReMix
- Shinobi X [Saturn] - Kouryuu (Stage 7 Boss) (requested by electricboogaloo)
- jmabate feat. Matt Berra, Chromatic Apparatus, ViolinGamer, Dewey Newt, TSori, Terminated Weasel, Gamer of the Winds, Soul in Sadness, Ian Martyn, Psamathes, Chernabogue - Golden Axe "A Golden Axe Journey" OC ReMix
- Streets of Rage 4 (Bare Knuckle IV) - Funky HQ (requested by Jamie)
- Crazy Taxi - All I Want (requested by Iceferno)
- Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars - Fire Puppy
- GCJ - Jet Grind Radio "Butterfly Spy" OC ReMix (requested by Hydro)
- 8-Beats VGM - Golden Axe 3 [OST] - Ancient Mound (Stage 2-A) (Reconstructed)
- Streets of Rage Remake V5 - BGM1401 - Inga Rasen (requested by Jamie)
- Jet Set Radio Future - What About the Future
- ZF - Golden Axe II - 'Castle Gates' (1991)
- Streets of Rage Remake V5 - GeckoYamori - New Wave (requested by Iceferno)
- 8-Beats VGM - Shinobi 3 [OST] - Solitary (Reconstructed)
- SING!! SEGA Game Music presented by B.B. Queens - (I Fight) FIRE WITH FIRE ~ Image from Golden Axe II (requested by electricboogaloo)
- John Tay - Streets Of Rage 4 - Main Theme (YM2612 + YM2151 Cover) (requested by eleri)
- Iceferno - Streets Of Rage - Round 8 'The Last Soul' (Iceferno Remix)

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