RadioSEGA's Hiring - AGAIN!

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RadioSEGA's Hiring - AGAIN!

Post by Gavvie »

Hi people. Figured I'd show my face in the forums to show that a) I'm still alive, and b) that I still care for this station XD So yeah...I'm still alive, and I still care!

Over the past few weeks, it should be quite obvious to all that I'm not around as much as I should be, site-wise, and for that I can only say "sorry". I am trying to be around, but do eventually get sidetracked doing other things and before you know it, it just all gets dropped by the wayside. It's something Mark happened to do quite often prior to me, so maybe it's something that happens to all RadioSEGA owners...No idea.

Anyway - I'd like to get a couple of new staff members in to compliment the people we already have. I'm posting this on the forums first to see what sort of reaction we get, with a view to expanding it onto the main website and social networks within the next few days, should I need to. I'm specifically looking for the following -

News Writers
(Including Features, if you fancy)
Game Reviewers (Both recent & retro)
Media Team

Read on for a bit more info on each role...

In this role, you'll be responsible for sourcing and posting news on the RadioSEGA homepage in a timely fashion, including relevant screenshots/header images/trailers where appropriate. Whilst I'm not expecting news to be posted absolutely AS IT HAPPENS YO, ideally we'll be looking at getting news on the site within a day of it being reported elsewhere. You'll also be able to contribute Features as well, should you fancy writing little editorials every now and then. You should be capable of reporting news using your own manner of speaking - in other words, don't copy and paste wholesale from other news sites.

I'm looking for at least two people to help out alongside the staff we have currently, although this may change depending on level of interest.

Reviews have been a horrendously under-utilised section of our website since P7 launched, and that is something that we're going to change. You'll be responsible for reviewing games from SEGA's massive library, both past and present, using relevant screenshots/header images where appropriate. You'll also need to be able to work as part of a team - we don't want multiple reviews of the same game appearing on the website, so liasing with other reviewers to make sure you're not all covering the same game is essential. That said, I'm not against having a "Second Opinion" every now and then, just so long as it's the exception, not the norm.

At present, we're currently unable to provide games for our review team, but we will be looking into contacting SEGA of America to see if they can help us out. For now, all applicants need to be able to source their own games, one way or the other.

There is currently no limit to the number of reviewers I'm looking to take on - If you're good enough, you're in. Simple as that.

A new role, this one, and it's primarily for our new site - RadioSEGA Media. As part of this team, you'll be working under myself to keep the site updated with game trailers, news on new media releases (such as SEGA soundtracks via CD/iTunes), and also helping out our podcast partners should they have any issues.

I'm keeping the Media Team seperate from the main site because I feel like a dedicated team for RSM will help us in the longterm, so to start off with Media Team members won't be able to provide anything on this side of the fence, so please bear this in mind if you want to apply for this team as well as either of the two above. Conversely, anybody involved with the main website won't be able to provide anything for RSM, with the exception of site Admins and the Playlist/Podcast Teams. This may change in the future, however.


If you're interested in any of these roles, then drop this post a reply stating why you feel you'd be good in that particular role. If you're interested in more than one, state an order of preference in your reply. I'll get in touch with applicants via PM if I need more information.

Thanks for reading!
Jon the VGNerd

Post by Jon the VGNerd »

Hmm... I've reviewed a couple of games, but some which are non-SEGA games, but I guess you could say that I have some experience with reviewing games, with the exception of college weekends. So if you like, I'm the right guy when it comes to reviewing games, if its SEGA-games that is (although I mostly play past SEGA games and retro ones too, lik ethe Dreamcast). :biggrin:
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Post by TCB »

I would love to see this expand; I really approve.

How many numbers will the RSM Media team be?
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Post by DigiDragoon »

I wouldn't mind being a Retro Game Reviewer, since that's what my show will be about XD I should be getting the headset for that sometime after S&ASR comes out. Also on the note of "we don't want multiple reviews of the same game appearing on the website" wouldn't it be easier to quote other Review members on their opinions in the Review?
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Post by Gonic »

I might sign up for the news team. Cant be to sure tho cause of uni
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Post by Quills on Wheels »

Heh... If this was posted around a few years ago... I'd be the first to post here with how I am "Willing to do anything to get a job in one of those places...". Well... back then, I'd probably would have been more suitable as well, since I don't seem to play too many games anymore.

I've gotta say though. I still really feel like joining the Review team. I certainly haven't done a LOT of reviews. But I've read more than enough reviews to be able to write my own. Problem is, I really don't play a lot of Video Games, or to be more exactly, SEGA games for that matter. The only Sega games I have are Sonic ones...

Either way though, I feel like it's about time I should contribute to something in my first forum ever. So count me in as a Reviewer if the idea of me only reviewing sonic games is ok for you. However, if it's fast reviews(1 or 2 per week) you're looking for, I am certainly not the man cause I'm too lazy. But let me assure you that I will try my best.

Hope you accept me. :)
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Post by ZonicZoneCop »

Hm...I could be good at game reviews...
I own a whole bunch of Retro SEGA collections, and newer ones on Wii and PS2. Plus I have time.
So I guess I'll try out Gavvie~
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Post by metalgamer »

I'd like to do game reviews, but I guess it has to be for Sega games so if it's games in general I'd happily do it, but if it's just Sega games, I wouldn't have many games I can do. How do we apply/try out for these roles Gavvie?
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Post by Killer French Bread »

can't spare the time man, but you still get my japery on the message boards for free.
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Post by crippenstation »

After failing to send you an example review, Gavvie, I MAY have the time to do it this year. Yes, I'm still interested in joining the review team - probably just the retro review team.
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