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Twinny wrote:Is traditional, table-top trading card gaming still a hot commodity these days? Figured it'll all go digital at this point.
I don't think that'd ever happen. Sure there's the huge community aspect of it that people love but also Wizards of the Coast/Konami/etc would probably kill the games off before they moved it entirely digitally instead of keeping the videogame versions just gimped enough while they pump out new expansions/boosters
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A friend tempted me into trying Cardfight Vanguard.

I like it. Got a Touken Ranbu themed deck so I get to look at pretty samurai bois as I play.

Life's good, man.
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I quit Hearthstone at the start of 2020 because I had quote very addicted throughout the years. Rarely spent any money on the game but it had consumed so much of my time which I guess is proof of a good game. I reached all the way to Legend multiple seasons and I even had my name on the server leaderboard for one of the modes in a month where I played a shit ton. But enough is enough. It's time to move on. Looking back, I still miss the shit out of Yugioh because of its complexity but Hearthstone just had that randomness element that kept me coming back.

Eitherway, as soon as I quit it, Riot came out with their response to the Digital Card Game genre with Legends of Runeterra. I was kind of like ah let's just check it out. What could PoSsIbLy Go WrOnG? Well, turns out it was like giving crack to an addict and I lost hours of my life again at the hands of Runeterra. Absolutely solid game with great in depth mechanics that take me back to the YGO days while maintaining that element of chance and flavor that Hearthstone had. Definitely a step up in many ways and another way to feed my withdrawal from Hearthstone. Got to diamond rank and could have reached Masters but I saw how my life was being dragged along by this game and decided to uninstall it.

I've finally done it. I am card game free! I can live my life now!
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