Chickaroo Reviews - Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (GBA)

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Chickaroo Reviews - Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (GBA)

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Another classic Cartoon Network show got a video game for the GBA! But is it worth it or just another worthless licensed game?Game: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends
Systems: Game Boy Advance
Release Dates: 10/7/06
Developers: Collision Studios
It’s Like That One Epis- Oh Wait
Story: There really is no plot. All the levels are just some of the episodes from the show. So there is no overarching plot to the game.
Average Platforming
Gameplay: The game is just your typical platformer. You play as either Mac or Bloo. They each have their own abilities. Mac can double jump while Bloo can roll into a ball and squeeze into small places. The levels are yes, based on some episodes of the show and follow the plot of those episodes. So nothing special there. They each have an attack such as throwing paper balls to defeat enemies. There’s lots of collectibles to collect as well.
Like The Show, But Glitchy
Graphics: The game does look like the show, but some of the pixels on the models look off. Some of them look good, but some just look weird. It is colorful but eh, it look alright.
An Endless Loop
Music: The music is rather bland. It does sound like the music from the show, sure. But man does it loop like crazy. Especially the theme song from the show, my god. It’s so annoying after a while.
Music is composed by Shin’en.
A Game For You and Your Imaginary Friend?
Overall: Foster’s is an alright game. Honestly, it’s not that great. It’s bland and just more bland, especially for a show that has so much personality. You’re better off to playing a different game instead.
2 / 5
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Nope, there's more there to it! There are more features in the amazing game.
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