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Introducing RadioSEGA Presents: Collision Theory

A new arrangement album to support Special Effect is coming next week.

After last year's 10th anniversary album, we're delighted to announce a brand new RadioSEGA arrangement album. Introducing... RadioSEGA Presents: Collision Theory!
Cover art by Sami Briggs
Directed by friend of the station Opus Science Collective, this brand new compilation of arrangements of SEGA tunes was built around the following idea: what if two tracks from different SEGA games collided?
The team of 12 musicians from around the community picked two different source tunes from (very) different SEGA games and mixed them together into one great track. Covering 21 games, this 12-track album is an epic journey through SEGA's catalogue filled with retro vibes and blue skies bliss.
Imagine Golden Axe vs Streets of Rage; Phantasy Star Online vs Ecco the Dolphin; or even Streets of Rage 2 vs Sonic 3!
What's more, Collision Theory is our way to support Special Effect, an amazing charity that's been helping people with disabilities to enjoy video games. From the release date of September 1st till November 30th, the album will be up for grabs from our Bandcamp page for whatever you want to pay for it, with all proceeds going to Special Effect.
If you want to learn more about Special Effect, please be sure to visit their website here.
If you want to know more about RadioSEGA Presents: Collision Theory, tune in to RadioSEGA in the coming days, because we'll be previewing some tracks during select shows to celebrate the release. Here's our schedule:
  • Friday, August 25th @ 7pm BST (2pm EDT/11am PDT) - Viper's previewing one of the tracks on Topical Resort;
  • Friday, August 25th @ 9pm BST (4pm EDT/1pm PDT) - Rexy's previewing one of the tracks on SEGA Mixer Drive;
  • Saturday, August 26th @ 8pm BST (3pm EDT/12pm PDT) - Ravsieg's previewing one of the tracks on The Chart Toppin' Show;
  • Wednesday, August 30th @ 10pm BST (5pm EDT/2pm PDT) - Skyblaze's previewing one of the tracks on The Hidden Palace;
  • Thursday, August 31st @ 8pm BST (3pm EDT/12pm PDT) - Special episode of The SEGA Lounge, featuring the album director and some of the artists, as well as a preview of one of the tracks;
  • Friday, September 1st @9pm BST (4pm EDT/12pm PDT) - Special episode of SEGA Mixer Drive, featuring a listening party for the album with all 12 tracks playing in full, prior to the launch.
We're really excited to announce this new album and hope you both like it and support Special Effect by buying a copy from our Bandcamp page. RadioSEGA Presents: Collision Theory is releasing on Friday, September 1st, after the listening party on SEGA Mixer Drive (around 11pm BST/6pm EDT/3pm PDT).

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