Tell me how many consoles you own!

What it says on the tin...
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Tell me how many consoles you own!

Post by GeorgeNakhle321 »

I want to do this project just because I want to know how many consoles you own! It’s simple! Tell me the names of the consoles you own! For me I own a ps4, Nintendo switch lite, 3ds and a iPad (9th gen)! :SEGA: :sonic: :guitar: :segasports: :gottogo: :decide: :) :guitar:
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Post by Wrath Oskvro »

I have a few :P Here goes.

Wii U
Switch Lite
Retro-Bit Super Retro Trio 3+ (yeah that's a mouthful)
Sega Genesis Model 2
PS2 Slim
PS Vita 1000
PS Vita 2000
Evercade VS
Gameboy (DMG-01)
Gameboy Color

I..think that's all of them. XD My wife and I of course share them all but some of them are technically hers. Most of them I have set up in the man cave though ... T2LjS5oUOg Like guitars? Like games? Like Metal? Check my Youtoob.
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